A History of the Title Sequence


Designed as a title sequence for a fictional documentary, this short film shows a history of the title sequence in a nutshell.


The title sequence reveals the names of title designers who had a revolutionary impact on the history and evolution of the title sequence. The names of the designers all refer to specific characteristics of the iconic titles that they designed. 

The film alludes to elements such as the cut and shifted characters of Saul Bass' Psycho title,

the colored circles of Maurice Binder's design for Dr. No and the contemporary designs of Kyle Cooper and Danny Yount.

This film has won a Vimeo Award, Type Directors Club Award and was nominated for several other awards. 

It has been featured on a variety of blogs including The Huffington Post, It’s Nice That, The Atlantic, Devour, Fubiz, Motionographer and Forget the Film, Watch the Titles



Concept, design and production
From Form

Music and sound design
Lea Jurida