Reasons to be Creative


For the design event Reasons to be Creative 2014, we built this “title installation” that features all the names of the speakers.


Inspired by the fairground that took place at the Brighton Pier back in the days, we built and designed our own funfair cabinet for this annual design event in Brighton.

Take a shot in the shooting gallery and let the horses race! Keep your fingers crossed at Plinko and enjoy the sweet smell of candy, glazed apples and popcorn.

To give the titles and authentic look and refer to the sign painting culture at the time, the majority of these titles were painted by hand.

Three days long, the funfair cabinet took a prominent place on the stage and left its mark on the 2014 edition of Reasons to be Creative. 

This project was featured on It’s Nice That and Fontfeed.


Concept, design and production 
From Form

Graphic Design
Kevin Verbeek

Music & Sound Design


Special thanks to:
John Davey
Chavelli Martodihardjo
Ivar de Jong
Jan Maarten Nachtegeller
Sonja & Nico Versteeg
Jan & Miranda Ham

Mr. Bingo photo by Marc Thiele