OFFF Main Titles


In 2013 we proudly could add our name to the list of title designers who received the honor to create the OFFF Main Titles.


For the annual design festival OFFF Barcelona, we created a short film as opening titles for the festival.

In this title film, we'll have a peek into Mr. Emilton's cabinet of curiosities. A mysterious room filled with exotic objects and animals. And if you look close enough, you'll find all of the speaker's names throughout Mr. Emilton's room.

The storyline draws a resemblance between the 19th century explorers and today's creatives.

"We got inspired by how explorers back in the days looked at things differently and expanded their boundaries."

For this film, we designed the set from scratch and built a 19th century room in our studio.

This project was awarded with an ADC award in Miami. 
Forget the Film, Watch the Titles has written an in-depth article on this film. It was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick and was featured on the Motionographer and Computer Arts blog


Concept, direction and production
From Form & Part of Something

Wouter Keijzer

Music and sound design
Ben Lukas Boysen

Jan-Maarten Nachtegeller

Mr. Emilton's voice
Nick Smith

Mr. Emilton
Caspari de Geus