This 17 meter table top shot tells Coffeecompany's story from bean to cup.


This film leads us through Coffeecompany’s process of coffee. From how their berries are farmed to the how they serve their coffees in store.

To tell their story, we took their long distinctive table as a basis. 17 meters long to be exact.
We moulded the graphics into the table tops, assembled scale models of their roasteries, 

programmed ticking clocks and hand sculpted tiny coffee berries.

With all of our best friends and baristas united, we pulled off a 3 minute one-taker that tells the complete coffee story of Coffeecompany.

This project was nominated for an ADCN award.



The Garnison Group

Concept, production and direction
From Form and Part of Something

Gaffer and rigging
Peter Gosens

First assistant camera
Ivar de Jong

Peter van der Werve

Production Assistent
Nick Aberson

Wardrobe & styling
Ogènda Ter Haar

Props (berries)
Jan-Maarten Nachtegeller

Props (book and magazine design)
Ivar de Jong


Music and sound design

Voice over
Mark Myers

Dutch voice over
Johan Fretz

Dutch voice over recording
Any Colour You Like

Lisanne Vakkers, Jan-Maarten Nachtegeller, Robert Hofstede, Romy Tielman, Nick Aberson, Femke Blom, Gianni de Fretes, Emma van Eijkeren, Bruce Moerdijman, Atu Fagus Pattimahu

Mariëtte Heistek, Jasper Uhlenbusch,Ka-Tjun Hau, Sebas Geistdorfer, Sanne Verhoeven, Stijn Braas, Nydia van Voorthuizen, Kim Staalman, Hayo Eisenga

Thanks to
Monica & Bouwe de Boer, Chavelli Martodihardjo, Tim Schipper, Olivier van Nooten, Rik van der Linden, CODUM, Stadslab Rotterdam, Lof der Zoetheid