New work: The Coffee Story

We are very thrilled to finally present you the The Coffee Story: a 3 minute film for the Dutch coffee brand Coffeecompany:

The film leads us through the coffee process from bean to cup. From how the berries are farmed to the variety of brewing methods they serve in their stores. 

Taking their distinctive coffee table as a basis, we pretty quickly came up with the idea to tell the whole story within the concept of a table. 

So we started building a long table, 17 meters to be exact, and moulded all of the graphics into the table tops. Scale models were glued, ticking clocks programmed and coffee berries were sculpted. 

For the shoot, a 19 meters long automated dolly was custom built, so we could capture all of the magic in one table top shot. With our best friends and baristas united, we created a 3 minute one taker that tells the complete coffee story.

Check out the making of below:

Brighton & London

We just came back from a week UK! We attended the Reasons to be Creative festival, which was chock full of good talks from Mr. Bingo, Erik Spiekermann, Royal Bandit and Stefan Sagmeister. Next to that, Brighton is a great and beautiful city which we'll not forget soon. 

After that: a few days in London, where we met the friendly people from ManvsMachine and got some superb beers in Shoreditch pubs.

Now back to work!


OFFF Main Titles 2013!

Photo via Goran Minov

We're super excited to announce that From Form will make the main titles for the OFFF festival, held in Barcelona 6-8th of June! 

If you're not already familiar with this amazing festival: The OFFF festival in Barcelona is a three day during design festival where designers, design studios, film makers and artists from all over the world come together to share their work, ideas and philosophies and give inspiring presentations and workshops.

With only 5 weeks left and 43 titles to go, we're trying to dedicate every minute to this project. We'll promise you it's going to be awesome! We'll present our piece Saturday 8th of June at the main stage.

See you in Barca!