Initiated by the NPO (the Dutch public broadcasting organisation), 3LAB is an online & television platform for young TV makers. Whether it's a film, talkshow or reality soap, 3LAB gives young makers the chance to experiment and show their work. We we’re asked to create a commercial for this exciting platform.

We liked the idea of young makers getting the chance to start out small, to test out their ideas. We translated this idea into a scale model world, a world that emphasises the idea of experimenting and trying out new things, and sometimes things that aren’t completely understandable. 


Concept, copy, design and production
From Form

VPRO / Martien Vlietman

Audio mix & sound design
Any Colour You Like

Voice over
Victoria Swilley

Helping hands
Chavelli Martodihardjo
Tess Steijvers
Kevin Verbeek